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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jason Singer

I don't have an official name yet, but I'm starting a blog to respond to some of the things I see written in the Sandusky Register. I'm getting tired of writing the Sandusky Register's website though because you can't format responses and the commenting threads are filled with trash.

First off, I'd like to respond to Jason Singer's "Inauguration Observations."

Jason wrote:

"If we’re willing to get re-trained to work in factories dealing with green energies; if we’re willing to recycle; if we’re willing to change our lifestyles; if we’re willing to give military and community service; if we’re willing to make political compromises; if our leaders are willing to be honest and moral, and not fall into the traps of greed and excess; if we do all these things, then Obama’s presidency can be a great success."

Personally, I'm getting tired of all this "it's on us" talk. Jason likes to talk about "retraining" and "recycling," "giving military service" etc etc. I'd like to see a government agent tell Jason that he is needed in another industry as a laborer. Say, trash collection. Would Jason voluntarily resign his position as a journalist and retrain as a trash collection technician? For the good of the country?

Further: many conservatives have a problem with Obama's apparent lack of morals - so for Jason to plead with leaders to be "honest and moral" and make "political compromises" all in the same sentence, it smacks of the same type of lofty, empty rhetoric common among Obama supporters: Rhetoric (not substance) is their specialty. The feeling of hope and change is what matters to them. It's talking for the sake of talking.

Jason writes:

He may have the vision, but we as American citizens have to carry that vision out.

As far as Obama's "vision" goes: Why would you want, as a citizen, to "carry that vision out," if you disagree with his underlying values? As a conservative, I disagree with much of Obama's way of thinking and have little faith in his rhetoric beyond his ability to convey confidence. I don't feel that he has the country's best interest at heart, to say the least. And why should I believe otherwise?

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