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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Video: Kline Confronted On False Accusation During Nuesse Civil Service Hearing

Have you ever wanted to see someone get busted on cross examination? Here's your chance.

To understand this video clip - make sure you've watched this clip of Matt Kline during the city commission meeting back in February of 2008.

This is Kim Nuesse's lawyer K Ron Bailey asking Matt Kline about the duplicity he used to fire Nuesse:



Linda said...

BAM! Look at his face ! You can see him getting more and more red-faced.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is based on what Kline was told. Kline said that investigating Nuesse needed to be done because the newspaper said he was investigating her (on the records that he said this). Kline should be fired! Kline went on hearsay and it is coming back to bit him.

Anonymous said...

You noticed his face color too. he did redden up quite a bit!

Anonymous said...

"it's a matter of interpretation."
don icsman- sandusky law director for life
age: 61 years