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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Live Chat Wednesday: Local Conspiracy Theory

Welcome to liveblogging on Firelands411. Please be aware that the text from this chat will be archived on this site so an audience far larger than the actual participants are able to read it.

In order to create a useful dialogue let's do our best to follow a few posting guidelines:

1. Be considerate to other chatters.

2. Stay on topic and be constructive.

Tonight's chat topic will be local conspiracy theories.

Chat window will go active at approximately 8:30 pm.


Anonymous said...

Spinning says: Looks like this blog could be viewed to be losing credibility...or is that the reason so many voted for the live blog on conspiracy theories, but did not participate?

411 Needs to identify an edge here and avoid pushing on conspiracy theory type topics.

Create a blog identity that will hold attention over time.

Let's stay on some themes that matter like the lack of city commission transparency, current and past conflicts of interest, the city's fuzzy math problems,the marina district lunacy or the outrage over the emergency legislation that circumvented the city charter. Hey, over 1,000 voters signed those petitions!

Giving the appearance of catering to the tinfoil hat crowd (who may have voted for that topic to simply discredit this blog) may be a purposeful misdirection to reduce the credibility of anyone who indicates that they blog here in the future.....

Anonymous said...

To 411: Sorry I missed the live blog last night. It seems there was something interesting that I didn't know and that was Crandall's connection with the dispatch move. The blog states that Crandall's friend worked for Vasu Communication. Oh my, what ehtics we practice or lack there of. No wonder Crandall had to split and give up his seat as commissioner. His sudden departure was always a mystery and know I know what really happened.

411 said...

This blog isn't going anywhere. We want to keep this site "user driven" and letting people choose the topic of discussion was a way to do that. But I agree that it was a bad idea to have a liveblog on that topic.

Anonymous said...

To 411: So what are you saying? Live blogs can't be controlled when information comes out in live blogs? Can't get sued for telling the truth.

bob zoellner said...

To first poster - I think too much is being read into this. It was a topic voted on and posted to live blog - it didn't work.

We move on. No biggie.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it was a very bad idea to have a live blog on this topic especially when the person who suggested it and the others that voters on it didn't even participate. It appears like this topic was picked by John Doe only in an attempt to slander and discredit Julie R. I don't think that was the intent of 411 but you have lost a lot of credibility because of it.

John Doe said...

TO: Anonymous (AKA Julie R) March 21, 6:36 p.m. poster:

You are wrong about your "assumption" that the reason I picked this topic was to discredit Julie R.

First of all, I don't have to do anything to discredit her. Until she starts producing evidence to what she says, she does a fine job of discrediting herself quite nicely. She has been asked by many bloggers to produce evidence to the accusations and claims that she makes - to even start her own blog for this reason. But, alas, she refuses to do that.

The "Remove Johnson," "Huron 2009" and this "411" blog are excellent sites to be able to produce documentation and evidence to any "questionable" conduct, or conspiracy theory. Julie refuses to follow this path, therefore, I have to descredit what she has to say. As I said before, SHOW ME THE EVIDENCE BABY! ! !

Second, I thought it would be a good topic to have on the live blog. I would have participated if it hadn't been on Wednesday night. I even told the editor of 411 that I can't participate on Wednesday night, but that he should make the decision on what night by what 411 thinks is best, not because of me (I told 411 this well before the decision was made as to what night to hold that live blog).

Thirdly, I was hoping that alot of others would have participated such as Julie R, Conspiracy Theorist, Kelly, and Buff (among others). But none of them did which was disappointing. Perhaps Julie R, Conspiracy Theorist, Kelly and Buff are all my alter egos like Conspiracy Theorist suggested about me and another blogger on another SR thread. The reason they didn't show up for the live blog is because I couldn't and we are all one in the same person! ! Now THAT is a conspiracy theory worth looking into! :)

Anonymous said...

To John Doe: I'm sorry but you have totally lost me. You are the one that suggested the Conspiracy Theorist topic and seven people voted for it. (I was not one of them) You then, prior to the live blog, told the moderator not to allow Julie R. to participate (?) yet you now just said you were disappointed that she didn't.(?) Now I really don't know if there was a motive behind this but if there was it obviously didn't work so let's just allow the 411 Firelands to move on. ...signed Julie R.