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Saturday, January 31, 2009

An anonymous commenter:

Mr.ED - Thanks for opening up this forum. I saw the web address listed in one of the SR blogs.Keep up the exposure. I understand that some city commissioners may be interested in reading this blog if someone like 411 were to send the web link to their e-mail address listed on the city website...

"Mr. ED?" (can't figure that one out, sorry.)

I'm sure the commissioners would be happy to stay on top of the internet chatter if somebody would keep them informed of it. Dan Kaman has always been good about keeping himself on top of things as far as that's concerned. I've heard that Dennis Murray, excuse me, MISTER Murray does/did the same.

Here's a list of their email addresses from the city's new website, which is a remarkable improvement from the old version. You've got to hand it to Kelly Kresser and Pabodie studios on that one. (Then again, I haven't yet seen a Pabodie site that didn't impress.)

Gone: The not-cool, time-wasting flash animation and the sea gulls.

City Commissioner Email Addresses:

Craig Stahl: Cstahl@ci.sandusky.oh.us
Brett Fuqua: bfuqua@ci.sandusky.oh.us
Pervis Brown: pbrown@ci.sandusky.oh.us
Julie Farrar: jfarrar@ci.sandusky.oh.us
Dan Kaman: dkaman@ci.sandusky.oh.us
Dave Waddington: dwaddington@ci.sandusky.oh.us
Bob Warner: bwarner@ci.sandusky.oh.us

Those are our reps. As a side note: I had a hard time finding the addresses at first because their names are hyperlinked with their email addresses. My anti-virus software wouldn't allow my outlook to open the addresses. Anywhoo. Drop them a line. They appreciate feedback as much if not more than anyone else.

Waddington Testimony: The Video

No link because the Register doesn't have permalinks to their videos. (Booooo) Click here and then click on the appropriate video in the sidebar.

Waddington looks relaxed. No hand wringing like somebody else we know. (Who ironically is having his integrity questioned left and right.)

Waddington comes across like a no nonsense kind of guy. Ms. Counselor Cannon asks Wad if Nuesse was acting appropriately for once walking out of an executive session. "I would've walked out too," Wad answers. "That's not the answer I was looking for," Ms. Cannon didn't say.

North Coast Trivia

How does one overlook this?

Tom Whaley has been in the broadcast industry for a long time, and I do remember seeing an article in the SR about North Coast Trivia on the internet.

Whaley's site is linked in the sidebar.

Whaley is the Godfather Of Local TV, and I should be ashamed of myself for not mentioning his show when describing Firelands' lack of local internetcasts. (Sorry, Tom!)

The SR's Marina District Bias


Unfortunatly the SR is not a true paper. If you give them a story that will fit their agenda then they will print it. If you give them one that is against their agenda they might print it, however, they will comment against the person who wrote the story and make cartoons against them. It has happened against the CRG when they were trying to tell people what was going on with the closed door meetings on the MD. The SR had their cartoonist draw a cartoon that made the CRG look like they were totally against development in this city, when that was a total lie and the SR knew this. We do not need a rag like the SR telling the people what to think when they read a story.

Sounds to me like the CRG might benefit from spreading their agenda in an alternate news source. I have to agree that the SR's bias in the MD matter is pretty blatant. The Marina District issue is not an issue of right/wrong. That's why I'd have to separate it from the Nuesse matter.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Since this area seems to be about 10 years behind national trends [cough] I'm not worried about it, but it's interesting to note that major national blogs seem to be trying to copy traditional MSM broadcast models with Internet TV programming. (As opposed to text based blogs.) We're still not even seeing local internet TV programs pop up, so like I said, we won't see text blogs getting upended for quite some time. I'm not even aware of any other blogs in the area besides this one. Does anybody know of any? The Register is still not even using their video capability to the fullest extent. They could be doing so much more. You can't even leave comments on their videos.
Good discussion in this commenting thread. The idea was just presented that the Register went to comment registration under pressure from local politicians. I doubt it. I'm not saying that local politicians weren't getting upset about it, I just think there were enough complaints from people across the spectrum that Phares and Co. were realizing the comments were becoming more damage than they're worth. Somebody else pointed out that the SR is suffering from it - but probably only a little. They're still the only major media company in this area.

Stuff White People Like

If you're white like me, you'll enjoy Stuff White People Like.

The top items on the list that this white guy likes is #109: The Onion. And #106 Facebook.

As a matter of fact, Facebook is crack. Facebook has a way of pulling you away from your laundry and doing the dishes (so I'm told) - and so does crack.

Firelands can be pretty boring in the winter time, so if the Register is asleep and giving me nothing to work with you can be pretty much guaranteed 411 is gonna be full of links.

Some of the stuff on the white list I have no idea what he's talking about ("hummus?" "Juno?" Juno was 'funny'? Contrived dialogue is not 'funny' to me.)

Downtown Revitalization

A few months ago, a gentleman from California (I think) wrote an editorial to the Sandusky Register detailing several things that Sandusky would need to do to revitalize downtown. I think he claimed to be a former resident of Sandusky. I'm searching for the editorial, but I can't find it. Does anyone remember the guy's name, or where I can find the article?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SR Comments Dwindle Slightly

The new commenting system appears to have only slightly affected the Register. The amount of comments seemed to have dropped, but that's to be expected for awhile anyway.

I think it's worth if if you cut down on all the trash. You only get half the comments but they all seem to be worth reading.

Whirled Peas, would you be interested in joining this blog? If so, send an email to sanduskyregurgitator@yahoo.com

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Question: Reporting Bias In Nuesse Case?

I'd like to hear everyone's opinion on this:

In the Sandusky Register forums, Chuck Kaman suggested that the Register has "credibility problems" because they've taken sides on Nuesse-Gate and the Marina District.

My question is: If the folks who run the newspaper believe that an injustice in the Nuesse case has taken place - isn't it their JOB to stay on the story and report it as the eyes of the public?

What do you think? Is their coverage "biased" - or the fulfillment of an obligation?

Firelands Web TV

What is the Register publisher talking about? There is no tv channel to compete with the Sandusky Register.

More importantly: Why isn't there a tv channel to compete with the Sandusky Register's website?

Is there anybody out there who would be intersted in hosting a local show for the firelands area? It could be broadcasted on the internet from this site using a youtube account. (Uploads are no longer limited to 100 megs. They can be up to 1 gig - which is about 30 minutes of video. I know somebody who wants to produce the show, but it'll take alot of teamwork to make it work.

Anybody interested?

Little Known Facts About Rod Blagojovich's Hair

I'm watching Governor Rod on Greta Van Sustosterone so I thought I'd share this list of little known facts about RB's Hair. Say what you want about RB, but his hair is badass.

1. Feng Shui or fengshui is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with Rod Blagojovich's Hair.

2. Indigenous Amazonian warriors rub their arrow tips in RB's Hair before hunting.

3. In Mexico, RB's Hair is called "Pelo del Diablo" and a festival is held in its honor each year to keep its wrath from destroying villages.

4. Chuck Norris once got into a fight with Rod Blagojovich's Hair. He lost.

5. "Paradise Lost" isn't really about the fall of Satan from heaven. It's about the time Rod Blagojovich shaved his head.

Jimmy Dimora Rants

Tom Jackson referred to this outburst in Cuyahoga County as if it were side issue. (Listen to the Mp3)

Favorite line from Jimmy Dimora's rant against the Plain Dealer:

"It's America isn't it, now? Do you guys have the right to shackle me, put me under a light?

Another Gem From Rufus

Rufus is at it again. Normally you can't find someone who will come right out and profess his blind devotion to liberal beliefs for fear of embarrassment - but Rufus is that guy.

The entire column is a treasure trove of unintentional funny, but the last paragraph deserves special attention:

Obama has been attempting to lower expectations since the first days of his presidency. Acolyte Rufus must not have gotten the memo.

President Obama will bring to the country a "New Liberalism." With his election a strong working-class society will be created. It is an American ideal. He will act to restore a new era of American leadership. He will rebalance the distribution of wealth.

Now that Obama is in office, it must be okay to openly announce that he plans on redistributing wealth. Rufus must not have heard about the incident in Lucas county with Joe the Plumber or doesn't understand how "redistributing the wealth" is viewed as a bad thing by most Americans.

Necessary and appropriate steps will be taken to assure access by every person to quality health care, education and other essential services. He will protect working-class American people.

The mantra of HOPENCHANGE. If you repeat it enough, it might come true.

By the time he leaves office in 2012 he will have through his economic-stimulus programs built the physical and social infrastructure of a 21st century economy.

Rufus admits that The One won't be reelected.

He will have stabilized the money markets, contained housing and stock market bubbles; brought the federal debt under control by discouraging speculation; and assured the availability of credit on fair and affordable terms to Main Street. He will rebuild America into the country it was originally intended to be.

Really, is there anything The One can't do?

According to this Obama supporter, He's going to make her car payment:

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Register's New Commenting System

Welcome. I posted a simple (general) rule to follow on the comment pop up screen: If you wouldn't repeat your comments in person, don't leave them on this site.

As long as everyone behaves, there won't be a need to moderate or require registration on this site. Doug Phares is encountering a problem because there are so many haters using the Register that the bad comments are 'eclipsing' the good ones.

Most of the time there were so many inane comments that the time spent wading through the garbage gave little redeeming value. Hopefully that will be different here.

I'd like to see this become a 'team blog' - meaning more than one person writes it. The topics should be of interest to the firelands area. If you're interested in becoming part of the team, contact me at sanduskyregurgitator@yahoo.com.

Frankly, I don't understand the big deal over the changes at the Register. An anonymous email address is probably the only thing that they will require, so I don't see what all the hub-bub is about. The Register is responsibly managing their product. It's what the community expects.

I am a proponent of registration only because the Register commenting section was completely out of hand. For some reason, the commenters were not running off the abusers like they do on some other internet forums. That was the hope, but it didn't happen.

As of right now, this site doesn't require registration. If it's inundated with abusers, chances are we'll go to registration too. Until then, have fun.

Westerhold/Cirigliano Video Series

I've been wanting to delve into the whole Westerhold/Cirigliano video series, but can't find the time. Maybe later tonight.

The entire Nuesse debacle is fascinating to say the least - but when you throw in the media pressure they're leveling, the dynamic becomes so much more interesting. The Westerhold aspect is a story in itself.

More later, hopefully...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Register Overhauls Commenting System

The Register is overhauling their commenting system. Web traffic will plummet, but hey, it's the age of goodwill: For the good of the community, right?

Jason Singer

I don't have an official name yet, but I'm starting a blog to respond to some of the things I see written in the Sandusky Register. I'm getting tired of writing the Sandusky Register's website though because you can't format responses and the commenting threads are filled with trash.

First off, I'd like to respond to Jason Singer's "Inauguration Observations."

Jason wrote:

"If we’re willing to get re-trained to work in factories dealing with green energies; if we’re willing to recycle; if we’re willing to change our lifestyles; if we’re willing to give military and community service; if we’re willing to make political compromises; if our leaders are willing to be honest and moral, and not fall into the traps of greed and excess; if we do all these things, then Obama’s presidency can be a great success."

Personally, I'm getting tired of all this "it's on us" talk. Jason likes to talk about "retraining" and "recycling," "giving military service" etc etc. I'd like to see a government agent tell Jason that he is needed in another industry as a laborer. Say, trash collection. Would Jason voluntarily resign his position as a journalist and retrain as a trash collection technician? For the good of the country?

Further: many conservatives have a problem with Obama's apparent lack of morals - so for Jason to plead with leaders to be "honest and moral" and make "political compromises" all in the same sentence, it smacks of the same type of lofty, empty rhetoric common among Obama supporters: Rhetoric (not substance) is their specialty. The feeling of hope and change is what matters to them. It's talking for the sake of talking.

Jason writes:

He may have the vision, but we as American citizens have to carry that vision out.

As far as Obama's "vision" goes: Why would you want, as a citizen, to "carry that vision out," if you disagree with his underlying values? As a conservative, I disagree with much of Obama's way of thinking and have little faith in his rhetoric beyond his ability to convey confidence. I don't feel that he has the country's best interest at heart, to say the least. And why should I believe otherwise?