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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Current City Commission Review

A quick review on the current city commission and how they were "elected."

There are seven seats on the commission. In the 2007 election four seats were contested. Five candidates were on the ballot, but shortly before the election one candidate withdrew.

The vote totals:

Once Carl Wolf withdrew his name, the remaining four were guaranteed seats. Julie Farrar won her seat by simply having her name on the ballot, as she had no prior experience as city commissioner.

The current commission consists of two extra names: Bob Warner - who was appointed to fill Dennis Murray's vacancy when he was elected to the Ohio House of Representative, and Pervis Brown who was appointed to fill Brian Crandall's seat when he cowardly jumped ship in the middle of the Nuesse debacle resigned in April of 2008.

Three seats are contested in November 2009: Craig Stahl, Pervis Brown and Bob Warner.


Anonymous said...

Will it be an even number of seats once again? Three seats for three seats; it would not surprise me. Wolf had to pull out of the race because of his conflict of interest with the MD project. Wolf could not be an effective commissioner. I doubt a whole lot of people would put their name in this time because of the mess the city is in.

rsws0408 said...

I could see a total of 6 running for commission during the next election cycle personally.

Anonymous said...

Close, but not totally correct. Warner took Crandall's place, and Brown took Murray's place. Both WERE appointed though, not elected. Warner ran once before a few years ago when there were 11 "contestants" and was not elected then.

Citizen Kane said...
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Anonymous said...

It seems the NAACP is pretty well involved in the community. Why doesn't this group get some people to run? They all work behind the scenes instead of working to get proper representation--someone that believes in accountability!