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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Live Blogging Explained

If you're the kind of person who finds themselves wanting to lean over to a fellow spectator at a public meeting to discuss something - like the fact that Julie Farrar doesn't put much effort into hiding her contempt for citizens who voice their opinion to the commission - or the fact that Craig Stahl was elected on the "get-out-the-coffee-pot-we're-gonna-be-here-all-night" philosophy to public dialogue but he discarded the idea as soon as he faced political adversity - then you would love the idea of "live blogging."

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Anonymous said...

We have some serious issues at City Hall and everyone is trying to keep a lid on it but for how long? The citizens deserve to hear the truth as to how bad it really is and what the game plan is. The commission has no goals or direction as to how to proceed. Does the commission close their eyes and hope this will all go away when they open them back up again. How long will they keep the taxpayer in the dark? Will it be too late for the city by the time the citizens know what is really going on?

Anonymous said...

I see where the Regurgitator has resorted to the same tactics as the SR. They now want you to register to blog on their subjects. Freedom of speech is slowly being taken away from people. I applaud 411 for staying open and allowing people who have information to put out there, but do not want their names to be known. We all know what happens when the GOB's know who is spilling the beans about the corruption going on within this city. That person is threatened with their jobs. Keep up the good work 411, as long as you still believe in the second amendment you will get people to open up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that I meant the first amendment. Got my amendments mixed up. Still, what I said stands.