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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mayor/Ward Vs. City Commission

The debate stems from the struggle for accountability on the commission. Kaman is frustrated with the lack of accountability - but we've been through the mayor/ward vs. commission debate before and it never got off the ground. As I understand it, the mayor/ward system would allow the city to replace the city manager with an elected mayor. Right now Sandusky has a ceremonial mayor but the consensus seems to be that Mr. Stahl is overstepping his ceremonial authority.

Sandusky Register March 22, 2009:

And here's the funny part:

Craig Stahl said he likes the current format and Brett Fuqua disrespectfully blows off the idea by calling it "a joke."

Not advocating either side - but given the fact that the ward system is used in thousands of cities in the United States, what's more of a joke: the ward system or Fuqua answering the question that way?

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