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Monday, April 13, 2009

City Commission Meeting 4/13/09 Live Chat

Chat window goes at active when Channel 81 starts broadcasting the commission meeting. (Probably about 8:30.)


Anonymous said...

As for the city commission meeting last night, it sounded like they had a quiet night. As for Lions Park acquistion, I think we need to watch how we spend the CDBG money and the revolving loan money. Why is it the city always has money they can take from somewhere and they have no money to fix the streets? In this time of economic crisis, we need to do better when spending CDBG money. Let's spend this money towards cleaning up and fixing up the neighborhood. I am not thrilled with Erie Metro partnering with us when it comes to our parks. I feel we are losing control of our parks.

bob zoellner said...

I'm sorry I missed the chat last night. I went to the meeting and was able to stay for through the Lions Park public hearing.

I then had a prior commitment to attend, and only was able to log onto the chat for a few minutes around 10 p.m.

I actually missed it, though. They have been fun to be involved in.

Anonymous said...

The city says they talked to employees about Mr. Hacker's
complaints.Would like to know who and when!

Anonymous said...

Me the employee,dont know who else.
About 2 weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hacker was treated with incredible rudeness by Mr. Kline until Warner finally stepped in. Hats off to Mr. Hacker for bravely standing up. To me, this is grounds for Kline to go. It's just unacceptable to treat people that way. AJ Oliver