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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Coffee With Mr. Stahl Afterthoughts

I went to the meeting this morning. Stahl fielded some tough questions - some of which went unanswered because they dealt with the Nuesse case. I'm low on time again - so let's have an open thread here. If you went this morning, what feelings, observations would you share?

If I had to share one feeling I came away with it would be this: The push for reform is gaining momentum.

My two cents would be: People to need to organize and the ideas shared in the meeting need to be articulated in public so the ideas can crystallize among a greater portion of the citizenry. The voices in Sandusky need to be amplified.

"Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail. Without it, nothing can succeed." --Abraham Lincoln.


Anonymous said...

The trouble with these coffee meetings is that the commissioners can't seem to correct the problems brought forward by the public and the public has to keep complaining to get the commissioners to get Kline and staff working on the complaints brought forward. People felt that too much attention was on development and not enough is being placed on getting streets done and other housekeeping things the city needs to be paying attention to. The city needs to do more code enforcement to clean up the neighborhoods. I am suspicious of the new attitude of the commission. I wonder if it will continue until after the election is over?

Dan Kaman said...

Some of us have had the same attidude for 5 years! Yes it is an election year for some commissioners, and it is showing!
Like I said this morning, right now we do not have 4 commissioners willing to hold staff accountable. Until you get 4 or change to a strong mayor system where the mayor is held accountable, nothing will change. Dan Kaman

Anonymous said...

Did you also hear where there were 325 blogs posted by city employees on city time and on city computers on the Nuesse case. The city knows how many are from present cops but decline to tell.

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right 411 there is momentum growing but how do we harness it? The NAACP, the IMA, the folks who got the short end of the stick on Housing Rehab, Nuesse supporters, the group trying to protect Battery Park etc. need to gel together as one to change the outlook at City Hall either by recall of Commission(ers) or change to a more accountable form of government. The "old money" has controlled our destiny for tooooo long.

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs to help anyway we can. I would be willing to donate time and/or money just to get this dictatorial government out of the hands of someone like Stahl and his little band of stormtroopers who are the ones responsible for getting this city in the terrible conditition it is presently in. It is like the banks and car manufacturers, they are the ones who created the financial problems the country is in, but continue to hold down their jobs. Time to clean house and get the bums who created the problem out.