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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Responding To A Nuesse Hater

Have you ever read something in the SR comments that irritates you? Of course you have. That's what makes them the SR comments!

This morning I read a comment from Joecitizen that made me roll my eyes. However, it was actually readable. (Mostly because I really am curious about why they hate her so much.) Since Kim Nuesse haters have been hard to find as of late, I'm jumping on this chance to respond to one of them.

Here's Joecitizen's post in it's entirety:

If Joecitizen's viewpoint irritates you, go here to see a line-by-line education.


bob zoellner said...


Well-thought out answers. Not exactly sure how there rest of this plays out, but Nuesse seems to be in a strong position to have this go in her favor, even if she has to go the court system.

Anonymous said...

Kim Nuesse is a true professional. The Sandusky leaders should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Very good answers, 411.

Citizen Kane said...

Very good counter points 411. It is obvious Joe Citizen does not really know Nuesse or the problems in our PD. Of course he also could be one of the people who posted 325times while working for the city on taxpayer time and using taxpayer computers to try and help the position of Kline. This was exposed at the Saturday meeting. The city knows how many came from the SPD but declined to say. While you make far more sense then joecitizen and the proof shows the city was wrong in what it did to Nuesse, I am afraid you will never change this persons mind. Ignorance of truth is far easier to believe in then the truth. It is like taking medicine that is good for you but it taste so bad you do not take it, you will never get better.

Anonymous said...

always remember and never forget when it comes to 222 meigs st:

"it's a matter of interpretation"

don icsman-law director for life, city of sandusky

age: 61 years