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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The City's Public Records Expert

A piece of information to store in the information bank:
Willliam Lang is the city's public records expert.

Read this decision from the Ohio Supreme Court which suspended him from the practice of law for a year (six months stayed on conditions.)

(Thanks to whoever posted that tip in the comments.)


Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

Where does the city find its "help"? First Murman's disgraced FBI agents and now this guy.

If the city is going to pay big bucks for outside minions, can we at least use decent folks with no dirty laundry? Otherwise, let's stick with our own local yokels. They are cheaper and at least our tax dollars will stay local.

One more thing: its time for the SR to either put up or shut up on these public records. Real papers sue for records - they don't just whine.
And hey, if Bill Lang is the attorney on the other side, you oughtta have a pretty good shot at winning!

bob zoellner said...

interesting..........very, very interesting

Anonymous said...

It is costly to sue and the city knows this but some day someone is going to call their bluff. That is all we need is another lawsuit. Doing things behind the public's back is going to be costly to the city to operate this way. Our insurance cannot take another lawsuit. By being honest with the information, keeps the city out of court but the city hasn't learned yet and continues to do things behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the SR whines a lot - and some of it is definitely justified. Some of it is not. Notwithstanding, the SR hasn't sued the City for the records. WHY NOT?!?

Real newspaper have a hotshot attorney on retainer that will haul a government agency into court when it ignores the Open Records Act. When the government loses (unless it's a close call or a new area of the law), it has to pay the newspaper's attorneys fees and costs.

Time for the SR to put up, hire an attorney and sue for these records OR STOP WHINING.