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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Recall Poll Final


*I'm wondering how many votes it takes to secure a place on the commission. Anybody know? Or at least know where to view some election results for the last few commission races?

Let's analyze.


Anonymous said...

In order to run for city commissioner, the charter states you will need 100 signatures on your petition to turn into the board of elections. It used to be 400 at one time but it was passed at 100 in order to get more people to run. It is easier to get 100 signatures versus 400. I would like to see some suggested names on a poll and vote for them. Maybe about 9 names who are interested in running in November.

411 said...

That's a great idea. Let's start with names and resumes. I'm willing to interview any candidate personally and write up a summary of their service history for release on the web. If their candidacy takes off we can do video interviews for dissemination on the web.

How many votes does each winning commissioner typically get to win their election?

Anonymous said...

First, lets get the names out there and see how the survey goes. If the survey goes well for the highest vote getters, then we can go further to see if the public is interested in urging that candidate to run and check on their backgrounds. Let people submit the names who they would like to see become commissioner. Maybe we can urge some of these people to get interested if they know they have the support. It will be a fun project and maybe a live chat to see where it all goes. Maybe we can urge the fifty people looking on to get interested in the live chats.