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Friday, March 13, 2009

Downtown Economic Development & Local Government

One of the reasons I love the digital media age is because in the DMA, there are no 'word limits.' You will never find a '300 word limit' rule for a letter to the editor on this website. On the web, space constraint is no longer an issue when covering subjects of public importance.

On Firelands411, your view won't be blocked or severely limited for the benefit of a few people.

Downtown development is a hot topic in Sandusky, and so let's get all the information on the table and debate what's best for the city. Many people disagree with the marina district project for legitimate reasons. They're not "negative" or "against progress." They're simply articulating ideas they've learned from researching the best practices from other cities facing the same issues, and not subscribing to the pie-in-the-sky waterfront development ideas that haven't had positive long term results anywhere else in the country. These folks certainly don't deserve to be written off as "not credible" like the Sandusky Register editorial board has done here:

The Sandusky Register has a monopoly on which viewpoints achieve "market penetration" - and on downtown development, the SR has clearly favored the Marina District.

How about an opposing viewpoint?

Chris Wimer is a lifelong Sandusky resident who has done a substantial amount of research on downtown Sandusky history. He authored a few reports on proposed downtown development and was kind enough to send them in for publication.

Mr. Wimer's report - and it's extensive - is here.


Anonymous said...

what are all thos people doing in those artist's conceptualization of the MD? Is it a March? Gay Day spillover from CP? Why ar so many people on the sidewalk? Where are the geese? WQhere ae the signs saying not to feed the geese?

bob zoellner said...

411 - excellent link to Mr. Wimer's piece. Thanks for posting that - very definitely well-thought out and some food for thought.

Did any of our commissioners read that in 2007 (that's when it looks like it was originally put together)?

Citizan Kane said...

Bob you do not understand what an agenda is. When you have an agenda you do whatever you have to in order to fulfill your agenda. It doesn't require you to read what the other side says or what they think. You just lie, cheat, steal, and use whatever method you can to achieve your agenda, sorta like what the commission and Kline have done so far, or like what our federal government has done with the WMD ruse in order to wage a war that is never ending.

Anonymous said...

Do you all know that it has been four years this year that the MD project concept was first introduced and we haven't dug dirt yet. It was all an emergency to move city hall and the building is still standing. I think if there had been an pre-planning, this project wouldn't have been in the first place. Too many details and roadblocks plus the city is in no shape to take on additional expenses for this project. Read Stahl's lips, "At no cost to the taxpayer".