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Friday, March 13, 2009

What Does It Take To Change The Form Of Local Government?

And would that be a good thing?

If you have knowledge of this, dicuss:


Mr. Sandusky said...

The first thing is to write the elected official, as I did Tuesday morning.

I sent an email to Mr. Stahl saying that I think that the taxpayers deserve Mr. Singers questions answered. I have not recieved a response yet.

Maybe, and I know I am dreaming here, but just maybe if enough citizens email these guys directly instead of posting anonymous comments on a blog, somethings might change.

Anonymous said...

I think 411 means 'mayor' type government versus 'commission' type government. But I might be wrong.

bob zoellner said...

I just e-mailed Mr. Stahl and Mr. Kaman for answers to the budget questions (what is the plan?) and the Nuesse situation.

We deserve answers.

Anonymous said...

How about a chat on downtown development?

Citizen Kane said...
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Anonymous said...

I support and look forward to more discussion of changing Sandusky's form of Government. I never thought I would say that 4 years ago. But now after being part of this government, I see this way does not work. There is no final accountability. Commission can blame the manager, the manager can blame the commission. The commission can say we didn't have the votes, the manager can say he didn't get clear direction. Been there, living it again!

Anonymous said...

Changing the form of government doesn't mean anything. It is the elected officials you need to change out. The only thing the city has going for it is the two term and out. We use to have elected officials that were elected over and over for 20 to 40 years and that is why we have the problems we are having now. They wanted tourism and now they have it but it doesn't pay the bills.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Sandusky: Good luck in getting Sthal to answer your e-mail becuase it is one way e-mail. He never writes back.

Anonymous said...

it's a matter of interpretation
don c. icsman -law director for life city of sandusky
age: 61 years