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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bob Warner Letter To Editor April 12, 2009

A few weeks ago, Bob Warner attacked Bob and Ruth Haag during a city commission meeting. Warner claimed that the Haag's were going to "run the city into the ground." If you want a quick summary of what transpired watch the video here.

Warner must've been bothered by the reaction of some to his constituents after that meeting - and so he's responding with a letter to the editor of the Sandusky Register.

Thanks to Mr. Sandusky for pointing it out:

Note: Nobody in Sandusky voted for him. He was appointed. But if he runs for commission in November, he's giving us pretty good indications of how he thinks.

Bob Warner's letter to the editor:

Folks, I'm really confused by this letter. Bob and Ruth Haag's desire is to use grant money to do further testing to see if the coal tar is in the bedrock. They said this at the meeting several times. This is the purpose of the testing so that we're not reacting to the coal tar plume with hunches as Warner says. We want actual evidence of the problem so we know how to appropriately deal with it.

Further, if Bob Warner owns a boat it must be docked at Cedar Point because anyone who boats in that area knows about the thick oily substance which coats all marine vessels in that area. The coal tar problem is not new, as Warner says. Sandusky just wants to know how bad the problem is so they can come up with a plan to deal with it.


Mr. Sandusky said...

This comment may get taken down, but I will say it anyway. Warner is an idiot. That is why he could not get elected, his lack of sense and intellect could be seen by the voters. Just because you wave a union flag does not mean we should vote for you.

Now, Mr. Warner is proving the point of those of us that did not vote for him. Sadly he seems to be doing it more and more often.

Mr. Sandusky said...

One more thing. Mr. Warner conjectures that the oily substance might be from the very same boats that it is covering. I doubt that Mr. Warner has ever turned a wrench after reading that statement. If a boat was leaking that much oil I think the boater would know this before he made it to the sandbar.

Anonymous said...

Warner opens mouth and inserts foot once again. Does he just take up space when he comes to the Brownsfields Committee meetings? As for what the substance on the boats is, a quick sampling of the substance and we can tell for sure what it is once and for all. Warner just wants to cover the coal tar plume up and make it go away on its own but that is not going to happen. A developer would be foolish to build anything on top of the land without first knowing who to take care of the pollution. We are not driving any businesses out.

Anonymous said...

From Register Blog spot. ou812 wrote on Apr 12, 2009 5:37 PM:

" my impression of Warner is once he gets something in his head its buried deeper than the coal tar.

Diff. is, with the every bit of information available, the coal tar can be removed helping the Marina operators and neighboring marine contractors market their property after clean up---no amount of tell-tale info will change Warner's mind. "

Mr. Sandusky said...

Speaking of pathetic wastes that sit at the commission table, what ever happened to any or all of the recall petitions that were going around town. Hell, the one guy would even drive to your house for a signature, or meet you where ever you wanted to meet him at. Did they all disappear? Were these people just doing it for the attention?

Look, everytime I turned around in the summer and fall someone would be downtown asking me to sign a petition to recall one or all of the commissioners. What happened?

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the letter Warner wrote, but the conflict of interest of him being appointed commissioner. Why can no one see that there is a conflict? He is a UNION business agent. Any development done by the city has to involve UNION! So in turn, he can vote on the commission to go ahead with a pie in the sky development, which then he can bid on for his UNION company. Even if he is not elected this November, he already had a part in getting the Marina District movong ahead with their "emergency" vote, and he will benefit from it long after he is booted off of the commission. RECALL NOW!