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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Using Public Resources For Private Business Is A Long Standing Tradition Around Here

Perkins Township trustees will be re-examining a police cruiser policy that allows Perkins cops to use the cars when they're employed on private security details.

In defense of the long standing policy is acting Perkins police chief Robb Parthemore and Lt. Al Matthews. Lest you wonder why Parthemore and Matthews are not among the final three candidates for the position of Perkins police chief, take a look at their defense of the policy:

Is this guy serious?

Since the praetorian guards had one set of armor and a sword and presumably used them wherever and whoever they worked for, Al Matthews thinks that he should be able to use Perkins police cars when he's on a private security detail at Pat Catan's?

Can you imagine what would happen if everybody adopted Al "Praetorian" Matthews' philosophy?

"It's been a long standing tradition for me to use this company owned dump truck to deliver mulch to my house on the weekends."

"What do you mean I can't use the X-Ray machine when I'm not working? I have somebody here who needs to be X-Rayed and the cost will be minimal to the hospital. The film is pretty cheap."

Why can't I use this county-owned fax machine for my own private business ventures on the weekends? (Or during my lunch hour?)

If Matthews and Parthemore can't see why this is policy is wrong, what else is the PPD doing that it doesn't know is wrong?


Mr. Sandusky said...

Did anyone see Bob Warners letter to the editor today. I would be ashamed if we would have voted for this guy.

Anonymous said...

To Mr. Sandusky: You can't vote for Warner until November and then you can show your displeasure in him at that time because he was appointed by the commissioners to fill Crandal's term of which Crandal did not finish out. Warner has been a big disappointment. I still think sooner or later because of Warner's union job that he will have a conflict of interest. He should have never been selected to serve with his job title that he holds because of the union jobs that will be obtained through the local developments expected to take off.