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Monday, April 6, 2009

Stimulus Money Projects

Run a search on Erie County and Sandusky here for a summary of projects local government is seeking stimulus money.


Anonymous said...

Waddington should be boarding the bus for Columubs pretty quick to claim what is rightfully ours in the way of stiumulus money. It is looking like we won't be getting anything in the way of a stimulus package as Waddington suspected. What is Dennis Murray doing down in Columbus these days? This is his home town and he can't bring the pork home. Maybe they are saving it for the city hall move or the MD project? If that happens, I will know there is something funny going on. We need our streets fixed! At least bring something home the average taxpayer in Sandusky can appreciate besides giving it all to the developers.

Anonymous said...

Oh trust me, Murray will find a way to get some of that bacon to Sandusky. All project which will not create perminent, living wage jobs. His second love is the Marina District Project and moving City Hall for no know reason.