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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Updates On The Site

We've got some really cool things happening on Firelands 411 in the next few days. Tomorrow (tentatively) we're going to move this site from blogger over to Sanduskyregister.com. The content on this site won't be moved. It will stay here, as will the site itself. All new material will be posted on the SR's site. I will post a link to the new site once it's set up.

Now before you naysay, I just want everyone to know that the agreement is that the SR has no control over the site and that I can "pull the plug" at any time if the arrangement doesn't work out. It's still Firelands411 and will look similiar, and the content will be exactly what it would've been had I kept blogging at blogspot.

I think it will work out though. The SR has a pretty large readership in the area and it only makes sense to team up with them to deliver content without having the hassle of managing the business arrangement myself. I look at it as a win/win.

I don't know how the commenting system will work - but this is a major concern for me. To me, commenters are a major part of the site and we need to make sure we keep them happy. We'll see how that plays out and what can be done to keep the commenting system as open as it is currently on this site.

What I'm most excited about is the fact that Kim Nuesse has accepted an invitation to livechat with 411 readers. We have the chat scheduled for next Wednesday and I hope you're able to log in to ask her a question or two about her future plans in Sandusky. I'm excited about what her presence on the city commission (if she chooses to run) could mean for Sandusky. If you haven't seen her 30 minute video interview on the Sandusky Register, check it out here. (Click on the Nuesse interview in the sidebar.)

Another feature that's coming soon will be podcasting. We're working on that and would like to branch out on different types of content.


Hope to see you next Wednesday on the live chat!


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! I hope all the Nuesse bashers take part......

Anonymous said...

I don't know if I am going to like it being from the Register. Will we have to register our email to comment like we do there?

Anonymous said...

Interesting would be a better choice in my opinion.

Blogger allows you unlimited bandwidth and storage space, if I am correct so what would the reasoning be to abandon the Blogger site and move to the Sandusky Register servers?

Also, why would they allow you to move to their servers when you are in a way direct competition for their on line readership?

Do you have some other relationship with Sandusky Register that I am not aware of?

I will admit though, it would be an effective way for the Sandusky Register and the good 'ol boys of Sandusky to trace the IP addresses of those who slander or have negative opinions of the 'ol boys.

Seems kind of suspicious.

Would they let any Blogger user from the area move to their servers?

Anonymous said...

Spinning says:

Adios, mi amigos!

Don't trust anything connected to the SR after what I have personally observed, witnessed & experienced over the years!

bob zoellner said...

i think this could be a good thing...it will expose this site to more readers.

the content won't change, the opportunity to comment/blog won't change.

this just gives what is happening here at 411 more exposure...and that is a good thing.

remember, if something doesn't sit right, 411 can sever that relationship with SR. 411 is a good person with good intentions, and this site will continue to be a site worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

That is what happens when you have competition. I will not be surprised if SR starts asking for registration for the blogs. Well, it was nice while it lasted. The good old boys would love nothing better then to shut down 411 rather than give others who have a differance of opinion a voice.

411 said...

Thanks Bob. Nothing will change here other than the URL to view the site. The Sandusky Register management believes that 411 is an attraction and that's what they're interested in. I'm doing it for a larger readership. The paranoia over the IP addresses is troubling.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, how can the SR view this site as an attraction when it insults the SR with a graphic titled “Sandusky Regurgitator”? I find it amusing but I can't see how they would considering it plays against any form of their perceived professionalism.

They have to have another motive in welcoming you. It's not for your traffic I would bet.

If you wanted more exposure place a few on-line ads at the register site and maybe the Morning Journal too. I highly doubt the SR site will cause you more traffic as I think most that visit the SR site are already aware of 411.

Come clean, whats the real reason for the move?

Lie with dogs, wake with fleas.

411 said...

You guys are hilarious. If you're really curious about this, come and take part in the live chat and I'll explain.

Anonymous said...

A liberal far left blog teaming with a liberal far left rag! Hahaha

Go back to sleep sheep, there's nothing to see here.

bob zoellner said...

Dear last poster,

I can assure you, I enjoy this site and posting on it. You make me laugh, beacasue I am far from a liberal far-lefter. Very far.

You a funny guy!!!!!! :-)

411 said...

I got a kick out of that one too, Bob!

Anonymous said...

This site is fantastic and I agree it needs to be exposed to more readers.

Anonymous said...

If a commenter works for the County I can understand why they would be afraid that the good 'ol boys in Sandusky would trace their IP addresses.....

As for others that post negative comments about Erie County----I'm not the least bit afraid if they find out who I am for the simple reason I'm certain they already know. And if they don't like what I say then let them prove it isn't the TRUTH........signed Julie R.

Dan Kaman said...

411, I think you are making a good move partnering with the register. You need to just keep it civil if possible. That's why I sign my name on this site, and am willing to do these live chats when I can. Good Luck! Dan Kaman

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, and it is just that an opinion, you loose credibility by teaming up with the SR. Although I am not as concerned about people tracking me down with my IP address (probably because I do not care, come and find me)I am more concerned about this website loosing its independence.

I want to stop short of saying that you "sold out", but how many more reader do you think you will gain when you have already posted the URL to this site all over the comments section of the paper?

Please stay independent, it is why we come and read this site.

411 said...

Thanks for sharing, but at least see how this plays out before you form your opinion.

I will stay independent, but the SR has the most widely known site around this area, so it can be a stepping stone.

Anonymous said...

I think SR and 411 need each other right now. SR has slipped in their readership because of what they did to their blogs. 411 can't seem to obtain the readership and is known only to a few people or by word of mouth. 411 is in need of more input or the bloggers have sworn off blogging because of the recent happenings with SR. The bloggers are all afraid of being identified in this small town where everyone knows everything before it gets in the papers.